Biofoundry will be celebrating at it’s grand opening 22/11/2014. It will be the first lab of its kind opened in Australia, following in the tradition of labs such as GENspace, Biocurious, and La Paillasse. This lab will be open to membership from the public to either teach, conduct experiments for interest, or develop proof-of-concept biotech start-ups. PC1 level containment allows for the development of certain classes of genetically modified organisms. The space hosts a range of equipment, which includes (but not limited to):
- PCR thermocycler
- Microscopes (phase contrast, compound, dissecting)
- Electrophoresis equipment (gel baths, power packs, etc)
- Carbon Dioxide incubator (now just being used as a regular incubator)
- Massive Centrifuge
- Fridge/freezer (-20C)
After the launch we will be opening the space daily, and by appointment. Membership is monthly, but drop in visits are welcome.

Biofoundry is the result of 2 years of work by the members of BioHackSyd. We are hosted by Nauti Studios which can be found at level 2, 152 Paramatta road, Stanmore.

BioFoundry Team