First biohack meeting at the new space

We have been lucky enough to secure a regular meeting time for BioHackSyd at BioFoundry. Meetings will be held on the first Thursday of the month. If you’ve never been to a meeting before, you should expect a brief introduction followed by between 1-3 speakers (each followed by questions) and then a show-and-tell and social drinks. Sometimes the meetings will have a practical component. The meetings generally run for around 2 hours. Previous topics have been:
- Synthetic Biology
- Open access RNA databases
- Halloween reanimation
- Legal requirements for biohacking in Australia
- Cheese Hacking
Our meetings don’t require any prior knowledge of biology but it certainly helps if you have a good grasp of it. We have quite a high number of people that are well-versed in molecular biology and would be happy to talk you through anything you don’t understand.

The meetings attract people from a wide range of disciplines including art, law, biology, IT, computer science, and various others.

The next meeting will be Thursday, 4th of December.

BioFoundry Team