Emphasis on ‘Community’

BioFoundry is a Community science lab, dedicated to empowering Australian citizens to explore the incredible world of science! These online collaboration spaces are a great way to get started, learn something new or teach someone else. Come join us!


Does your Facebook news feed contain a lot of science articles? Wish you got to peer behind the curtain of these amazing experiments? Keep up to date with BioHackers from around the world by liking our pages!


Got an idea you’ve been working on? Want to learn a new skill from an incredibly wide talent-pool of teachers and lecturers? Hack-days are an excuse to get together and collaborate on projects that may require a whole suite of skills. Workshops run throughout the day, with topics ranging from Tardigrade Terraforming to C+ Coding.


Currently in need of content creators, the Wiki is an open-source site for the sharing of protocols + recipes. BioFoundry will be uploading all of it’s protocols to the wiki as they are produced.


Discussion Forum for our BioHacker community. Great place to ask detailed questions and discuss advanced plans.