Hack Days


A Hack Day is a day for the biohacking community to get together and work on their various projects, share skills, learn new ones, and generally collaborate. Don’t have a project? With a wealth of hacker knowledge in one place, Hack Days are the perfect time to start. Various themes will feature now and then, but everyone is still welcome to join the community while working on their personal interest projects.




Anyone interested is welcome to come along and see what it is all about.
If you have an interest in Biology, hardware hacking, coding, bioinformatics, bioart or anything even closely related, you will find yourself at home.

Next HackDay: 30th April 2017

Theme: Terraforming

Start time: 9am
Lunch: Milkshakes, Burgers and more Caffeine
End time: When you fall over

Facebook Event:

This will also be a general hack day.  Come along and work on any of your projects.

Location: Cicada Innovations, 145/4 Cornwallis St, Eveleigh NSW 2015
(right near Redfern Station)

Past HackDays:

26th March 2017

Theme: Get the F******  BioFoundry website functional. Grinding community gathering

Classic HackDay with the IT crowd. Website development, software and hardware design.

25th February 2017

Theme: Coding 101 and Intro to Computational Biology/Bioinformatics

Arrive and setup: 10:30
Start time: 11:00
Lunch somewhere here…
End time: Some time in the evening, when we talk more than hack.

Course run by James Ferguson

Facebook Event: Biofoundry Hack-Day!

PART 1: Coding 101 will teach the basics of Python.
– variables (declaration, types, tips and tricks)
– control structures (IF, for, while, …)
– data structures (lists, dictionaries, sets, …)
– syntax (code structure, best practice, basic patterns)
– tools (editors, IDEs, environments, packages[numpy/pandas/biopython,…] )
– data processing (reading, writing, sorting, filtering, …)

This will be delivered in a way to be fast and applicable to the 2nd part.

PART 2: Computational biology problems.
– Can be done in almost any language, so good for experienced coders too. (esolangs get extra hacker-creds!)
– Featuring Rosalind problems (http://rosalind.info)
– Expert support for the first few problems to get everyone started
– Quick intro into low level bioinformatics

There will be a number of talented coders and hackers available throughout the day.
If you consider yourself one of these people, come along and work on your projects/help the noobs.

Location: Cicada Innovations, 145/4 Cornwallis St, Eveleigh NSW 2015 (right near Redfern Station)