About BioFoundry

BioFoundry is Australia’s first open-access molecular biology laboratory, offering everyday citizens the opportunity to collaborate in scientific research and development. BioFoundry runs courses for enthusiasts and curious amateurs, helps house and facilitate the realisation of startups, develops the practical skills of undergraduate science students and exists as a focal point of open-source research in Australia. BioFoundry is also home to BioHackSyd – Australia’s first DIY-Bio group.

Our Philosophy

BioFoundry exists to democratise science by lowering the financial/technological barriers reinforcing the publish-or-perish status-quo that currently defines the scientific industry. As such – you may find our unique approach inspires that scientific curiosity inherent to you and every other human out there!

Tinkering is encouraged.
We learn and teach by doing.
We believe that guided practice provides unique advantages over pure theory.
We are a not-for-profit group and rely upon the support of our members and the community to keep our lab open.

We happily accept equipment donations (especially unwanted scientific glassware and equipment).

If things are broken, we like to fix them and are always happy to take broken lab gear.

If you would like to help…

You can support BioFoundry by becoming a patron on Patreon!