Direct Neural Interface

Direct Neural Interfacing: The next step?

Humanity is racing towards the Artificial Intelligence Great Filter; prompting many of our greatest minds to push for greater cognitive integration with our technology. Direct Neural Interfacing is an emerging technology that seeks to provide instantaneous communication between the human brain and an external computer. It is a poorly understood field of science, fraught with medical, ethical and existential risks. It has also been theorised to be the next stage of human evolution, accompanying advanced genetic technologies in unshackling us from the limitations of sexual reproduction.


BioFoundry is currently investigating the possibility of a project in this field or in associated technologies. We hope to investigate open-source solutions to obstacles discovered in the course of international research. As such, we are closely watching the progress of professional organisations such as;

Government Research

DARPA – Neural Engineering System Design

Private Research

Melbourne Medical School – Vascular Bionics Laboratory

Neuralink – Neural Lace technology sponsored by Elon Musk

Miguel Hernandez University – Brain Computer Interface (BCI) based on electroencephalography (EEG) that allows control of a robot arm.

Courtine Lab – Helping paralysed monkeys to walk


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